To celebrate a lifetime of connections, on Bill’s  80th birth year , we  (Sharon and I) invited  friends and family to share pictures, messages and stories with us. The response was delightful.

I highly recommend that every older person ask the people they love to tell stories about them while they are still alive. People seem to enjoy doing so. And I totally loved being the centre of all this love and attention.

I have decided to retain this very personal piece in the blog. Partly because I love reading and re-reading the stories but more importantly I hope this page can become a reservoir of stories for our grandchildren.

In the years to come, we will invite and perhaps even cajole family and friends  to use this site to post pictures and stories about all of us that might otherwise be lost.

In particular, we hope that our children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren (and  more) will not only read these stories, but will also post their own.

Beauty  surrounds us

Love abounds  flows  persists

We are  connected

We are love

We are soul





In the years to come, we will continue invite family to use this website to build a virtual history of our all of our families so that our grandchildren and their grandchildren will know about those who came before them.

We look forward to reading your posts.

Thank you!
Bill and Sharon

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